What are the most profitable businesses to start from home?

The cheapest business to start is not always the best, so let us compare the business start up costs list between a home based and a traditional business model

What are the most profitable businesses to start from home?

The cheapest business to start is not always the best, so let us compare the business start up costs list between a home based and a traditional business model

During my research I have been reviewing some of the best home businesses online. I found only a few that really ticked all the boxes for me and that was an easy business to start.

I have been in direct sales and the home based business industry for some years with great success. I have worked with many companies over the years. Some have been good and others not so good. However, I found this company some years ago and became very existed about the prospect that this was a company that attracted people not familiar with direct sales.

Even though for the serious network marketers this industry is one of the most profitable small businesses to start, it does also have a reputation. One of the hindering factors of the home based direct sales industry is that its image has been tainted by scams, fraud and bad business practices.

Fortunately, the industry has cleaned up its act through the introduction of new laws and new in-house practices and customer service rules. Some companies resisted the new laws and rulings when they were first introduced, but since then must have complied.

Since those days many of the newer companies run a much cleaner and honest operation, because they see the benefits of offering a good service to their customers and affiliates.

A few companies in particular have made sure that they are the best and most trusted in the industry. This has made them the go to companies if anyone is new to the industry. Also, because it is very affordable to get started, there is little financial stress when someone is learning how to run a business from home.

Unlike in the past when direct sales company started on a shoestring and ended up going out of business. Most of the newer companies have solid and financially secure infrastructure. For the home business formula to work successfully the direct sales companies offer low cost start up packages. This allows them to be possibly the cheapest business to start in the world. A start up fee of as little as 35$ (20€ / £20) which includes a free webshop, back office, training, support and no monthly fee is not unusual.

Most profitable businesses to start from home

Searching for the cheapest business to start from home!

When I was originally searching for my next venture I was not only looking for the most profitable businesses to start from home , but a sustainable one. I wanted a business that would give me the opportunity and products that would give me the income I desired. I wanted an income that would allow me to travel and relocate if we needed. That was a tall order, but I knew that the opportunity was out there somewhere.

Even though I had a mass of experiences in the MLM industry, I still believed that we should research the income possibilities in relation to other companies. In addition, would I be able to gain my desired goal if I was running a traditional business? My research could never have been clearer. Starting and running a home based business is substantial cheaper than a traditional model.


  • With all the advantages of running a home based business why do people still fail?
  • Why do many new home based business owners find it so difficult to achieve success?
Well, simply it is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to take about, it is because...

Work is required

And when running a home business, hard work is required and everyday.

Success is a mindset and a attitude. If we were running a traditional brick and mortar business, with a large investment we would take action every morning. We would raise from bed with energy and motivated to start the day. We would set goal and decide what we needed to do that day. We would arrange our daily plan on how we were going to achieve our goals. And we would work on them everyday.

Unfortunately, many new home based business owner after the excitement of starting their new business loose direction and focus. It is not always their fault, but finally it is their business and they should ask for help and support. This is when the subject of who you should enroll with and who your business mentor should be.

The biggest mistakes made but newbies is joining family and friend. Now I have not saying that joining family and friends is always a mistake, but it is more likely to hurt your relationship with them. So, consider carefully who you want as a mentor and are they going to be available and knowledgeable about how you can be successful? The steps to starting a small business from home needs guidance and support from someone in the know.

"Work is required"

How to start a business from home with the right mentor and leader?

The biggest issue for many is if there enroller has not reached out to them. The reasons may vary but most likely it is:

  • They maybe new to the industry themselves and do not full understand their responsibilities.
  • They may not want to help anyone.
  • They may not have the skills and knowledge to pass onto you.
Many times the new business owner has not fully understood what running a home business really involves, even though the advantages are so profound and profitable. Again, a confident mentor and leader should be able to clear up any misgiving you may have.

It is good practice to know who you are working with by searching who they are and what they can do for you and your business. I personally like working very closely with my new team members to ensure they have the newest information and the greatest possibility for success.

“Finding the right mentor and leader is the key”

The argument between what the cheapest business to start has been rolling on for some years

From my experience and even watching friends and family who have decided to invest in a traditional business, they have realized that it is not the cheapest business to start. I have watched family and friends go under extreme stress and financial hardship, trying to build a tradition business. Of course, some are successful and work very hard to keep their business running smoothly and profitable. And for that I congratulate them and hope that their success continues into the future.

In reality, if you are the sort of person that to make money, your outgoings need to be far lower than your income, you will have seen the light regarding working from home. Once people realize this new reality, they start asking a really simple question and that is:

What is the most profitable businesses to start from home?

The criteria I have always looked for in a home business is:

  • I need a high quality product that people want, need and trust
  • I want to be able to make an unlimited income from the products I sell
  • I want to be able to run my business from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection
  • I want to have the flexibility to work when ever I want

“It’s okay to feel uncomfortable. It’s when we feel comfortable that we need to step up and push ourselves”

Business start up costs list for comparing successful home business and traditional businesses

Even before I go through the list of reason why running a MLM / home based business is best, I would like to explain why the odds are stacked against you with a traditional business.

With failure rates of traditional businesses is about 80 to 90% with most business owners losing a lot of money and most of it not their own. So, before you ever make a decision to become any type of entrepreneur / business owner, there is a a few things you should know.

  • It is hard work to be successful in any type of business
  • Most businesses fail within 6 months
  • To own a successful business will take time, money and a lot of work
  • Success is a mindset as well as a skill-set that you may not have at the start
  • The learning curve maybe very steep
  • If you do succeed in your business or even make a profit it will take a few years
Business start up costs list

Now that I have shown you the ways of the world when becoming a entrepreneur / business owner, let’s compare traditional businesses to home based businesses.

A Traditional Business
  • High start-up costs ($10k to $100k)
  • Leasing or building costs
  • Employees wages
  • Product inventory and a place to put them
  • Only local customers (unless you are an online business)
  • You have a linear income (Buy at retail sell at wholesale)
  • Long working hours - 80+ hours a week
  • Risk with the money you have invested
  • No other income
  • High failure rate
A Home based businesses
  • Low start-up costs (35$ / 20€ / £20)
  • No building to buy or lease
  • No employees
  • No inventory (in most cases)
  • No territories
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Build residual income
  • Free training and support system
  • Set your own hours Work part-time or full-time (while you keep your day job and security)
  • No risk
  • High failure rate

  • As you can see from the two lists, running a home business has its advantages over traditional in regards to the risks you are taking. Both have a high failure rates. Nevertheless, how can someone new to the home based industry become successful rather than failing at the first step?

    Being successful in love, life and in business needs commitment and a willingness to learn something new. Successful people will tell you that they have needed to sacrifice much to achieve their goals, but ultimately they will say, “There is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success”.

    In reality, achieving financial and personal success, needs us to accept that failure is the key to success.

“There is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success”

Is the cheapest business to start also the cheapest business to run?

Cheapest business to start

The short answer would be "Yes"

If we go beyond that start up cost of a traditional business against a home business it is already plain to see the running cost. However, below I have laid them out so we can see the difference.

Traditional running costs
  • Communication costs
  • Internet costs
  • Daily travelling costs
  • Office rental costs
  • Employee costs
  • Power and water costs
  • Lunch costs
  • Insurance costs
Home business running costs
  • Communication costs
  • Internet costs
When you are running a business from home many of the outgoings that a traditional business needs to pay are waived. At home you will not travel to work or pay staff or need to buy lunch at a local cafe. This is not including office rental. The savings are massive and when you are starting a business outgoing are coming straight out of your pocket. So, the smaller your outgoings the more money you will make.

Do you want to start a business from home?

If you believe that you are the type of person who is willing and able to take action, then we are interested in knowing who you are.

We are looking for two or three people who are highly motivated to become successful with our globally growing team. We are looking for self disciplined individuals who are tired of doing the same old 9 to 5 job and want so much more from life.

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